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Pigment Wiper is an acid-free solution - made from fruit extracts and sea salt - that safely removes any old, unwanted semi-permanent makeup tattoos. In some cases, it can reduce the old pigment up to 20% in one session. 


The treatment involves an acid-free solution being implanted in the area that needs removing. It’s a fairly quick treatment that takes around 20-30 minutes to do, and we recommend a minimum of two treatments (£85 per treatment). 


Treatments must be done at least 6 weeks apart. 
This treatment is not done during hot weather so please book in for Autumn/Winter.

Please Note: We require full payment for the two sessions to secure your appointment.




45 Mins



Pigment Wiper is a very safe way to perform the removal of old PMU. The solution does not contain any acids, but because of the active ingredients in it, it slowly removes previous pigment under the skin without requiring many sessions. It is a miraculous product that cleans up to 90% of old and unwanted permanent makeup without leaving a scar.

A maximum of 6 sessions should be applied, with at least 30 - 40 days in between each session. It is imperative that you comply with the post-procedure care, as recommended. When the post-procedure care is not followed correctly, there may be damage to the skin, including bleeding and decreased effectiveness of the procedure.

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